SCBWI Minnesota Postcard Gallery

As the Illustrator Coordinator of SCBWI Minnesota, I started a program earlier in 2017 called the SCBWI Minnesota Postcard Gallery. It is an online gallery for our members to showcase their self-promotion postcards.

I really enjoy seeing it grow from the ground up.  And I look forward to many posts to come. We will update this gallery 4x/year. See you July 15th!

Ever since I was about knee high we have been making an annual trip to the Southwest. It has left an imprint on my psyche. There is something about the air there, the high altitude and the smell of the Sage Bush. I love the abundance of flora and fauna with the beautiful mountains as a backdrop. The Spanish Style architecture, adobe, terra-cotta, the tile work all have influenced my art. The colors of the southwest, the way the mountains change as the sun rotates around them. I can't spend enough time looking, seeing, enjoying.

This piece is about a boy who looks, sees and loves all that is there, especially the birds. He is singing to the Sparrows, Las Golondrinas in the Mission garden. I too, love to spend time in my own garden, and I really like to paint gardens as well. I find the shapes and colors that form between the plants are just as interesting as the plants themselves.