Who lives here?

     Here is a photo I took while hiking in the woods. My childhood home is nestled in a forest in southern Wisconsin. I grew up studying the trees. While other children made pictures from the cloud-formations, I spent my time looking up through where the knotty-twisted branches overlap, and visualized animals and shapes in the negative spaces between them.
     The light in a forest is very beautiful. The abundance of leaves in the canopy filters out the scorching hot rays of the summer sun and you are left with a million hues of green . In the cold seasons the branches hush the wind - sheltering our drafty house from the sting of the winter.
     Here is a fantastic tree that I discovered on our hike. You can almost see a secret door in the base of the tree. Who lives here? The possibilities are endless, I'll leave it up for you to decide. -Alicia Schwab (photo by Alicia Schwab, copyright 2008)