Join our MNSCBWI PAL  members at The Loft’s first annual book festival WORDPLAY.

Authors and illustrators will be near the Children’s Minnesota Stage at booth (tent) E3, S. 3rd St. They will be selling and signing books on May 11 and May 12 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The Main Entrance to the event (ticketing & will call) is located off Washingtong Ave. at 10th Ave. S., between The Loft and Periscope. WORDPLAY event information can be found at

Our Saturday author/illustrator lineup:
10-11 Joan Marie Verba & Pat Gilkerson
11-12 Pat Gilkerson & Sarah Warren
12-1 Sarah Warren & Amanda Hueneke
1-2 Lisa M. Bolt Simons & Yvonne Pearson
2-3 Rebecca K.S. Ansari & Amanda Hueneke
3-4 Terri Karsten & Alicia Schwab
4-5 Terri Karsten & Marcie Rendon

Our Sunday author/illustrator lineup:
10-11 Cynthia Surrisi
11-12 Rebecca K.S. Ansari & Aimée Bissonette
12-1 Aimée Bissonette & Kayla Harren
1-2 Alicia Schwab & Yvonne Pearson
2-3 Lindsey McDivitt & Miriam McNamara
3-4 Miriam McNamara & Kayla Harren
4-5 Lindsey McDivitt