This is a sketch a did awhile ago that I still think of time to time. I have never been here. Well, I have... in my imagination -or- maybe it is a cumulation of all the water fronts I have been to. That is the fun part about building a scene, you can take all your mental snapshots and meld them together and leave out the stuff not worth remembering to create a really beautiful place. It is summer in this place and the thunderheads are brewing off in the distance (but that part of the story is for another page to come).

To me it has more of the feel of the North Shore (MN) on Lake Superior than any of the other seascapes or lakes I have visited. I love how the water meanders back through to the horizon as it visits with each island or peninsula and continues on it's way. I can imagine a sailboat crossing between those points back and forth to take advantage of the building winds.