I have gotten some nice compliments on the piece of art I am using to advertise my show.  It is a piece I did a couple of years ago, but am still very fond of.  So I have been wracking my brain to come up with a complimentary idea.

Sometimes the ideas come in a wink of an eye and other times I have to excavate down deep in my brain to find it. Like a prospector spending hours panning through material to find one tiny fleck of gold.

I haven't yet decided if the animal in the middle is a pig or a bear.  Above is a floppy-eared bunny and the duck is putting the star on the tree.

Today is DAY 30 of my 30-day-challenge. I am not sure if I proved anything other than that I can't count! -just kidding... I missed a few days so there are a few posts missing.  On the bright side is has gotten me to draw and write almost everyday.  No harm in that! Check out the other challengers' blogs: Sara WeingartnerBarb Björnson and Nina Crittenden.